Monday, August 29, 2016

The Kaepernick Diversion

Seriously. This is what's wrong with Americans. Their ability to be tricked out of paying attention to real problems with shiny irrelevant distractions.

Rambling rant ahead.


Quick question, hypocritical right-wing hotshots: Trump's campaign slogan is 'Make America Great Again' which literally means 'America Is Not Great' and you want to suck his tiny dick and buy his outsourced Chinese merchandise and proudly wear it on your head and proclaim that you also think 'America Is Not Great.' Colin Kaepernick also expresses his right protected by the First Amendment under the US Constitution to make a statement that he thinks 'America Is Not Great' (see where I'm going with this yet?), and you all want him lynched.

Meanwhile, Republicans voted against jobs, housing, healthcare, education for military vets. They spent millions on voting to take away your health care. They blocked zika help. Increased pregnancy death by always voting against women. Wasted millions on a Benghazi witch hunt only to come to their own conclusion that they, the GOP was at fault for cutting embassy security funding 3 years in a row, which Hillary said there would be dire consequences - yeah, this is all on CSPAN video. By the way, I blogged about it being the GOP's fault for cutting embassy security funding TWO AND A HALF YEARS AGO. But what do I know. I didn't spend millions of your taxes to come to the same conclusion. Republicans drained social security, blocked infrastructure spending, privatized jails and schools for profit leading directly to stupider people and more criminals, write religious-based laws protecting bullies who attack the LGBT community. The GOP wants to raise the retirement age, because you must work for corporations until you die. They block minimum wage increases but give billions in tax breaks to billion dollar corporations - that pay no taxes. They raise your taxes and tell you they're lowering them. Reagan single-handedly destroyed the middle class with Reaganomics - someone explain to me how taking all the money and giving it to the rich is supposed to help everyone else. "Trickle" indeed. I could literally write a book about the largest terrorist threat to America - the GOP. Maybe someday I will. Democrats may be pussies, but at least they're not actively trying to destroy America so rich people can get richer. Most of them aren't, anyway. Oh, and one last thing - Obamacare? Yeah, that is a Republican plan. Suggested by Nixon in the '70's, developed by The Heritage Foundation in 1988, run in 1993 as the free market alternative to HillaryCare (back when she was for single payer), implemented in Massachusetts in 2006 by Romney to high acclaim and suddenly called the 'socialized takeover of health care by the government' in 2008 by the people who pushed it for 20 fucking years as soon as the black guy said it's a good plan. Yeah, Obama used their plan because he was too much of a liberal coward to push for what we need - single payer. He thought some Republicans may cross the aisle and vote for it. Little did he know of their treasonous meeting where they decided to try and make him fail as a president - which is literally deciding to make America fail. Not one Republican traitor voted for their own plan. Have a problem with it? That's the GOP's fault. Corporations are still between you and your doctor.

But after several times of sitting out the National Anthem (none of which you knew about because the media didn't hype it up yet for advertising clicks and increased sponsorship), not standing for a song is what pisses you off like a good little bobblehead.

Oh, yeah, my quick question: What the fuck is your malfunction?

Distractions. Ooh, look. Something shiny - Carlos Danger's dick pic.

What was I saying?
Oh, yeah...
Good day.

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