Saturday, October 15, 2016

Getting A Trumpuppance

Just a few words on our national disaster.


The GOP is getting their Trumpuppance.

Trump was never running for president. He was only looking for free publicity to expand his brand to use as leverage against a TV network to get a new reality show and a bigger salary. He never expected to get this far. And now that he has, look what it's done for him.

Remember when you heard the name Trump and all you thought of was a rich real estate guy who declared bankruptcy a few times and now he's a reality TV host who likes to fire people - and you really didn't even care?

Good times. Good times.


Racist, misogynist, bigot, fascist, white supremacist, oligarch, serial sexual abuser, serial liar, complete failure at business, absolutely no understanding at how governments work, completely against the Constitution, egotist, narcissist, free welfare moocher, con man, surrounded by his most ardent supporters - the KKK, neo-Nazis, fascists and white supremacist groups, disseminator of Russian propaganda against a political opponent, admirer of communist dictator Vladimir Putin, China steel user, outsourcing American jobs, threatener of political imprisonment as is the style of dictators in countries without a Constitution, nuclear war advocate, going to federal court on RICO charges, alleged rapist of a 15-year-old, admitted stalker of teen pageants, tiny-handed, pussy-grabbing lech who bragged about the size of his dick at a presidential debate on national TV.

Yes, as everything he's ever done in his life, his sad attempt to hijack our democracy for his own benefit has ended in abject failure. 

After decades of condemning government, condemning education, condemning health care, blaming women, blaming poor people, blaming Mexicans, blaming gay people, blaming Muslims - blaming and condemning everything not rich, white, male or Christian - the GOP has created a monster.

No, it is not Donald J. Trump.

It is the Republican base of voters. It is their entire electorate.

Trump is what they wanted. Trump is who the GOP has trained to admire through years of pounding all that is good and beneficial to society. The narcissistic con man, Trump just stepped in to take advantage of this fact for his own personal gain. He does not care about the GOP. He does not care about the USA. He cares only about himself.

But, like I pointed out, he doesn't care. He doesn't care when business advisors tell him things, which is why all his business ventures have failed. Yes, every single one. It is a publicity-created myth that he's good at business. Just like the myth that Mother Teresa was a wonderful person and not one of the most evil cretins who ever walked the Earth. But I digress.

Trump doesn't prepare for anything. Because he already knows everything. About business, women, Muslims, blacks, Mexicans, politics, economics, war, child-rearing, marriage, everything. That's why, in nationally televised presidential debates, he doesn't listen to advisors or prepare beforehand. He just takes a few snorts of coke and is ready to go. He knows nothing, but thinks he knows everything. That is why he fails. 

And that is why he is going to take the GOP with him.
The GOP never liked Trump. But that is who their electorate wanted, so the GOP didn't mind. The problem is that the GOP thought they could control Trump. But they didn't realize what Trump was about. Himself. Period. You cannot control what doesn't care. But it was too late. They had to support him. Despicable story after despicable story hit the news media about Trump. But they stuck by him. He's who the electorate wanted. The GOP reluctantly stood by him.

Then, Trump's pussy-grabbing sexual assault instructional video hit the airwaves and surely this would be despicable enough for the electorate to understand just how despicable Trump is and the GOP thought could now publicly turn against him. They seized on the moment to shun Trump.

But the GOP didn't understand how their decades of the perpetual indoctrination of hate-and-fear had led to the creation of the unstoppable Teabaggerstein's Monster electorate. In their minds, the GOP are the despicable traitors to dear leader Trump. And now, if the GOP sticks with Trump, they destroy the GOP - and if they extricate themselves from Trump, they destroy the GOP. 

This real-time Kobayashi Maru scenario is what they built. All by themselves. With no help.

The problem is, he's damaging the entire nation, not just the GOP.

But Hillary's 50,000 emails.

No, not George W. Bush's/Dick Cheney's/Condoleeza Rice's/Donald Rumsfeld's/Colin Powell's 22,000,000,000 also-deleted-from-private-servers emails during an investigation of treason for outing CIA agent Valerie Plame for political retribution against her husband, putting American operatives in danger.

Just Hillary's.

Because it's ok if you're a Republican.

Good day.

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