Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day Mini Rant

Oh, just some thoughts for this warm, sunny May first.


Republicans are desperately trying to NOT give President Obama credit for the incredibly difficult decision to send Seal Team Six to kill Osama bin Laden, proclaiming any President would have done it.

Survey says: Republicans are fucking pathetic.

Pathetic Republicans are desperately trying to give credit to President Bush, who, for a fact, NEVER went after bin Laden and in March 2002, SIX MONTHS after 9/11, proclaimed that he wasn't concerned with bin Laden.

At 1min:10sec into the 1min:30sec video, Bush says, "I do mention the fact that this is a fella who is willing to commit youngsters to their death and he himself... pretended to have a dentist appointment that lasted the entire duration of the Vietnam War which is why he couldn't go." Well, I'm paraphrasing, but who exactly is he talking about? Bin Laden or himself? (Mini tangent in my May Day Mini Rant.)

Anyway, my FaFaFavorite criticism so far of Obama is that he 'sent the military to execute an unarmed man.' HAH! The head "evildoer" in the "Axis of Evildoers"  was unarmed. That pathetically stupid shit is going to be difficult to top, you fucking pathetic Republicans.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Presidents of the United States of America do NOT control gas prices. They do NOT own private corporations, therefore cannot dictate what private corporations set as the price for their products. For you ignorant asshats that still wish to blame President Obama for the current price of gas, which, by the way, has been steadily declining for the past two weeks, the HIGHEST price for gas during the Obama administration was still $1.20 LESS than it was under the Bush administration.

So, take your pick:
A.) You understand that Presidents have no control over gas prices.
B.) You think Bush was worse for setting much higher gas prices.
C.) Bush? Bush who? Never heard of him. There was Washington, the best President ever because he was a Founding Father who wrote the Second Amendment, then there was Lincoln, who was the best President ever because he was a Republican and freed those damn slaves, then Carter, who was the worst President ever because he just was, then Reagan, the best President ever because he trickled on poor people and could fly and had laser vision and defeated the Ruskies all by himself, then, uh, Clinton, who was the worst President ever because of a blue dress and a cigar, then, then, uh, um, then Obama, who is the worst President ever. But NOT because he's black. In fact, he's only HALF black, so I CAN'T be racist. There is no racism anymore. We elected a black President, right?

Oh, and you morons who think Obama wants high gas prices (right before the election) to force us to look at alternative energy - Obama's plan is to NOT get re-elected? Genius. And plan or not, Presidents do not control gas prices.

Let FOX "News" explain it to you:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A douchebag group on Facebook called "Anti Occupy Movement" posted this picture.

One group fights for our freedom and safety and the other group fights for our rights and equality. The group with the guns stands up for the group with the guitars. Nobody is asking for free anything. The scenario suggested by this picture is preposterous. It is willingly ignorant of honesty and antithetical to reality.

Why would you want banks to steal your money and gamble with it? Why would you then want the government to bail out the banks with our tax money - again? Why would you want corporations to continue sending jobs overseas? Why would you want banks to force parents of dead children to continue paying their student loans? Why would you want corporations to lay off thousands of workers so they can give CEO's multi-million dollar bonuses? Why would you want multi-million dollar corporations to benefit from needless tax loopholes and have your health care options denied so the loopholes can be paid for? Why do you not want businesses to hire military veterans?

These are some of the things "Anti Occupy Movement" mocks when they mock what the Occupy movement fights for. They are not fighting to get things for free. FOX "News" is lying. And the "Anti Occupy Movement" is all the more ignorant for believing them. And that's giving them the benefit of doubt that they're not just fucking idiots all on their own sans influence.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Republican-controlled Congress has a 9% approval rating. What has a higher approval rating in America, you wonder? Paris Hilton does (15%). BP during the oil spill does (16%). Socialism does (33%). The torture tactic of waterboarding does (31%). President Nixon does (24%). The IRS does (40%). You know what else is two points more favorable than Republican-controlled Congress right now? The United States going Communist is (11%).

Why is Congress looked upon so poorly?

It might have something to do with the 15 members of the Republican leadership meeting on the night of Barack Obama’s inauguration at The Caucus Room steakhouse and deciding to oppose everything he does in a unified attack. Their goal was simply to regain power for their party.

Yes. They literally decided to be partisan cocksuckers and put the Republican Party ahead of what was good for America.

Fuck you, Republicans. Go teabag yourselves.

Good day.


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