Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flotsam & Jetsam

I wish I could put together more single-topic rants. But it's tough to keep up with all the right-wing bullshit. At least I get to put in random, amusing, non-political tidbits in these multi-topic posts. They keep my water below boiling point.

Anyway, enjoy...

Yet another Republican who was born wealthy, has never had a job (except working for his father), has never created anything in his life, and cannot relate to the common man. Oh, and only works 109 days per year as House Majority Leader.

Labor Day is the celebration of unions. The workers, otherwise known as LABOR. Not management, which is the only thing this jackass (and the rest of the Republican Party) can relate to. Why do we celebrate the workers who united? Because without them, there would be none of this: child labor laws, paid holidays, weekends, 40-hour work weeks, overtime pay, minimum wage, workplace safety laws, worker’s compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.

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And what is the GOP up to now? They ignore that the complete clusterfuck Bush administration ever existed, yet want not only to continue all the Bush clusterfuck policies that got us here, but also want to double down on them.

Tax cuts for the rich? There aren’t enough! Deregulation of industry? We need more!

My name is Willard Romney. I want to run for President. Who shall I have advise me? I know. Everyone from the last Republican administration. They will have all the right answers. Bleep bloop.

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What Republicans say about Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney VS. The GOP.

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Daily Show: RNC/DNC as reported by FOX hypocrites

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Star Trek, bitches!

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I think I posted this anti-gay ad and laughed at it in another post somewhere, but no worries, David Pakman does a great job explaining its hilarity.

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"The superior person understands rightness; the inferior person understands profit."- Confucius

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Fuck you, Paul Ryan, you lying, hypocritical, sociopathic scumfuck.

‘Our plan isn’t a secret plan. We’re just not going to tell you what it is yet. First elect us, then we’ll debate in public what to put in the plan. Trust us.’

How the fuck is that not a secret fucking plan, you fucking fuckhole?

For a policy wonk whom the Republican Party says is their resident genius, he sure says, “I won’t get into the details,” a whole motherfucking lot.

‘Lowering taxes for millionaires will create jobs. You might think that all the blatantly-in-your-face proof to the contrary in the form of the Bush Tax Cuts might make me re-think that complete and utter bullshit. But no, you would be wrong. We Republicans want to double-down on that proven failure of a job and country-destroying policy. The problem with the Bush Tax Cuts is that they weren’t big enough. How else will millionaires keep even more money?’

For a policy wonk whom the Republican Party says is their resident genius, he sure is a fucking idiot. But then, he does seem to be the smartest of them all. A fucking idiot leading the outright fucking moronic.

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Is anyone surprised that Pink is getting better reviews than a person-shaped cardboard cut-out?

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This picture has been making the rounds on conservative websites. Let’s dissect it, shall we?

1. It has been thoroughly debunked that Obama “stole” money from Medicare. Medicare is fine. The Affordable Care Act actually “saves” $716 billion and increases Medicare's solvency.

2. Medicare is socialized healthcare. The ACA or “Obamacare” forces you to buy private insurance – the opposite of socialized healthcare. The fact is, Obama is using the savings from overspending on a social program (something Republicans LOVELOVELOVE: cutting spending, especially on social programs) to put toward paying for privatized healthcare (something Republicans also LOVELOVELOVE: giving more money to corporations).

3. Republicans LOVELOVELOVE to use the word “socialism” as a scary word because they do not understand the definition of words and often change their meaning in order to fear-monger for their own political advantage – even when it’s against their own interests.

4. The Affordable Care Act is basically a Conservative plan, designed by conservative think-tanks and already implemented by a Republican Governor in Massachusetts where the vast majority of recipients love it.

5. Republicans seem to be complete fucking idiots.

6. I'm not sure what the half shaded face means.

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For Mormons, the welfare of the church is the single most important thing in life. Lying in order to protect the Mormon image is more important than truth and honesty. Deception, rhetoric, half-truths and outright lies are commonly used to achieve their goals. Does this help to explain why Mitt Romney says anything to anybody to get what he wants? Does this help to explain why Mitt Romney is a liar at complete ease with lying?

Lying for the Lord - Bob Millet

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Romney is a fucking liar who continues to get caught lying and just says he didn't lie even though we all just heard him lie because he's a fucking liar who lies. (see above)

Now, he's using someone's death to lie about the President. Romney is a self-centered, sociopathic, piece of shit, scumbag. 

Is my point getting across?

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Apparently, in 1995, Obama directly caused the recession of 2008. You sad, pathetic, racist, right-wing, tin-foil-hat-wearing, conspiracy theory dipshits.  

Here's the actual link, should you wish to re-Tweet:

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Is there anybody out there that still doesn’t yet know that FOX “News” is just the propaganda wing of the Republican Party?

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 The Story of Broke

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A missing not white not girl is not being reported. Again.  Maybe they would report this, but something much more importa – ooh, look! Paris Hilton is getting released from jail! SWARM THE HELICOPTERS!!!

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The mother Kardashian said Honey Boo Boo’s mother is exploiting her daughter.

Think about that for a moment.

Ha ha! Made you stupider!

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In a Public Policy Poll, 15% of Ohioans who consider themselves very conservative Republicans believe Mitt Romney, a man who holds no office and is in charge of nothing, deserves the credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden and not President Obama, a man who is the President of the United States of America and gave the SEALS the green light. And 47% of Ohio Republicans are Not Sure who deserves the credit. That’s a total of 62% who think it is Romney or are not sure who is responsible for bin Laden’s watery resting place.

The same poll in North Carolina resulted in 15% Romney and 56% unsure for a total of 71% stupid Republicans.

America is a stupid, stupid country. Well, a certain “team” is, anyway.

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In a show of solidarity against small business owners, Conservative assholes decide to give Big Apple Pizza a bad rating on Yelp because the owner, registered Republican, Scott Van Duzer, hugged President Obama when he made a surprise visit. All’s well, though, as the internet bitch-slapped those Conservative children by boosting the restaurant’s rating back up to five stars.

Original story HERE.

Story about Conservatives behaving like small-minded trolls HERE.  (Or, I should say, “Conservatives behaving like themselves.”)

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The Last Word: What the Bain way would mean for America:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Still against “Obamacare?” Well, I hope you never need what it does. You ignorant fuck.
Affordable Care Act: Hope Delivered for USW Families

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Facebook is targeting liberal posts and links and removing them without explanation. Sounds like a violation of the First Amendment. No conservative posts or non-political posts of kittens or your dinner are ever removed. Facebook has an automated program that targets offensive posts. Whenever a liberal post is “accidentally” removed by the “automated program” and not site administration, wink, wink, nudge, nudge, there is virtually nothing that can be done.

However, hate-based and racism-based Facebook pages are allowed to flourish without hindrance. Sorry. That’s not true. When a racist page is pointed out to them, Facebook just adds [Controversial Humor] to the name and lets it continue.

For example, when the page, “Nigr” was brought to the attention of Facebook, they just changed it to “[Controversial Humor] Nigr” and let it continue on its merry way.

Some other [Controversial Humor] pages:

Just to make sure you double understand this isn't offensive in any way, this one had [Satire] added as well...

Here are two posts from the above page:

And this one is only a controversial opinion. Not necessarily humorous. It can stay.

But you want to point out that Republicans have a singular mission only to give tax breaks to millionaires while simultaneously raise tax on the poor and that’s too goddamn offensive. 

Facebook is good for keeping in touch with friends and acquaintances. Good for business. Good for random fun bullshittery.

And also good for nothing.

I have lost the taste to continue blogging right now.

Good day.

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