Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Plutocratic For The People

We all know he only says whatever he thinks people want to hear in order to get what he wants because his only value is money and power. He’s got money, all that’s left is ruling America. I’m pretty sure as he stands in front of a room full of multi-millionaires just like himself, this is as close to the truth as we’ll ever hear from this sociopath.

So, what does Romney say to these millionaires when he thinks poor people aren’t listening?


Romney says America is 47% shitty and 53% awesome-tastic:

You hear that, half of America? Vote for Romney because that sociopathic multi-millionaire dickhole thinks you’re a piece of shit and only wants to be President of the good half of America.

Romney cracking Latino jokes. Millionaires laugh:

Hahahaha! That’s hilarious! Mitt Romney’s great grandfather fled the United States to escape the law so he could marry five women at the same time! Hahaha!

Imagine if Obama’s great grandpappy did that.

I wonder if Romney said that same joke at the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce when he pandered spoke to them yesterday?

Romney talking about his campaign gimmick:

I guess Republicans think everybody hates women.

Romney lying. Everyone knowing it:

Yes. The Old-Fashioned Way: Born into wealth. Sent to the most expensive Ivy League schools. Set up at a company that borrows taxpayer money to purchase businesses, squeeze them out and make huge profits - at no personal risk.
Romney trying to convince millionaires that Chinese people love slave labor:

Or, Romney’s vision of America’s future: Fenced-in workers under armed guard, working for almost nothing for 18 hours a day and escaping on holidays.

Behind the scenes info on this video of Romney (Might I suggest just watching the whole episode?): 

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Here's the whole fundraiser video, if you're interested in more pandering, twisting of information, incorrect information and outright lies:

Part 1...

Part 2...

****************     ****************

****************     ****************

Some other stuff, but on topic... 

Scamming money from the government – using taxpayer money to bail out the Olympics, diverting money that was supposed to go to education, and heisting any other money potentially available - for his own personal benefit. Can we all just accept the fact that Mitt Romney is a lying sociopath and move on?

Just fuck off, Romney, will you?


Good day.

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