Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Poor Rich People

I'm sick of rich people pretending that only making a 75% profit on their millions instead of a 90% profit on their millions is destroying their lives.

Meanwhile, fuck the poor.

This discussion occurred immediately after President Obama was re-elected.


November 6

I'm excited to see what this great country can accomplish in the next four years. We have serious problems, so let's all now come together to solve them. 

Good fucking luck!?! Love you! But give me a fucking break [That was informative.]

I love you too, but it is up to us. 

Bullshit!!! [So, who's it up to, then, genius?]

Let's see. If he screws if up even more its all your fault [Remember Oscar from my Gun Regulations Kill post? This conversation actually happened first.] 

Please give hone four more years. I want to see his transcripts [Teabag bullshit.] 

Fix the economy and encourage investments. I just lost hundreds of thousands of dollars today. Investors are pulling out of deals as I speak because this guy got elected. I hope he can build confidence in the economy and not demonize the rich; the ones that invest in young entrepreneurs and create jobs [Mmm-hmm.]

Oscar - four years. It didn't happen. I want to see his application to college [What the fuck does that even mean, you fucking ignorant Teatard?] 

I have people puling out of deals right now. Im going to have to tell people they have no job tomorrow because this moron in back in office [Mmm-hmm.]

the country, the majority & popular vote made the correct decision. So many people are doing better every day. Bad business men can't always blame the President. They can but no one will bother listening. 

I haven't, since Obama has been in office he has caused nothing but problems for me and lost my family and I millions [Do tell.]

Well, I believe that the uncertainty was with the election and less to do with the candidates. I feel like after things settle down, we'll get our 12 million jobs & a growing economy. What I'm excited about is we won't get a socially conservative Supreme Court. That's the take away. Oscar I'm sorry to hear about your family, but I'm pretty certain everyone lost these last four years, and I just don't see how that was Obama's doing. That ship sailed before he got the job. I only saw him trying to do something about it. My message is that we can all now settle down, and get back to those deals, jobs, and dreams. 

If you've got millions to loose then you're doing a lot better than most. Tired of hearing the wealthy bitch about paying a little more (I'm not picking a fight with Oscar cuz I don't know anything about him). A few less Bentleys on the streets in LA is not going to be a tragedy. Republicans sent a terribly misleading message to this country years ago when they decided we can fight two wars and lower taxes at the same time. Unfortunately we're still dealing with the consequences of irresponsible fiscal decisions made in the past. Even so, corporations should not be able to privatize their profits and socialize their losses. We've still got a lot of recovering to do but at least it will continue in the right direction (or should I say left?)

The only real loss tonight was prop 37... Wtf California?? 

Bill Mancuso 
Considering the fact that corporate profits for the last three years have been literally making record-breaking monthly highs, it seems you're trying to blame your own bad business acumen on Obama. Investors are only pulling out of deals because they're stupid assholes. 

ThinkProgress: ‘Anti-Business’ Obama Is Best President For Corporate Profits Since 1900 

And the economy has been slowly but steadily rising for the past three years. But that's just a fact, so do with it what you will. 

U.S. News: America Is Definitely Better Off Under Obama 

And the economy and jobs and housing situations would have been much better if the Republicans didn't also break the record for filibuster use. They blocked jobs bills, infrastructure spending, 9/11 health care, cutting taxes for moving jobs back to the US from overseas, jobs bills for war vets, housing relief, college loan relief - they blocked everything - then blamed it on Obama. Not to mention Mitch McConnell's stated goal of getting rid of Obama instead of trying to help the country seems a bit anti-American to me. But these are just more facts that I suspect you'll ignore as you apparently have been for a few years now. 

Crooks and Liars: Guilty as Charged: How the GOP Killed Washington DC 

And seriously, another poor, pseudo-demonized millionaire. Boo fucking hoo. I'm sick of this fake fear-mongering "attack on the wealthy" bullshit. 

Well said Bill. Trying to work with a group that hates you more than they love their country can't be any easy task. It's amazing he managed to accomplish so much without them. [True.]

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