Monday, June 17, 2013

Dissonant Encounters of the Cognitive Kind


I do not understand why women, LGBTQ people or any other minority would ever choose to be in the Republican Party. I hear this reason excuse all the time: “We are not a group of people with a singular mind. We don’t all vote the same way. We are a diverse group with many ideas and personal beliefs. Don’t try to put us all in the same group. We may not agree with everything they represent, but we agree with many of their policies. That is why we are Republican.”

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

The Republican Party HATES you. They despise every single one of you. They want to force medically unnecessary ultrasound rapes upon you. They want to deport you for something that is no fault of your own. They want to imprison you at a staggeringly higher rate than white people, with laws that target you. They are against equal pay for women.

Republicans are against…

Native Americans
LGBTQ People
The Poor
Civil Rights
Birth Control
Food Stamps
Planned Parenthood
Affordable Health Care
Constitutionally protected Abortion rights
Constitutionally protected Religious Freedom (for Christians only)
Constitutionally protected Voting Rights
Minimum Wage
Social Security
Unemployment Benefits
Job Creation
Wall Street Reform
Taxes (which are in the Constitution)
Government Regulation                                                
Fiscal Responsibility (except for Democrats – then they are FOR it)
Green Technology
Gun Control
Child Labor Laws
Constitutional Freedom of Speech (except when it criticizes a Democrat)
Infrastructure Spending
Student Loan Reform
Immigration Reform
The Post Office
Small Business
The Dream Act
Violence Against Women Act

(I'm not going to post links for all of these things. Just plop "Republicans are against" with any one of these subjects into the Google and see what happens. Hey, do I have to do ALL of the work for you? You should already be double-checking what I say anyway.)

Or here’s another way to think of it: “We are not a group of people with a singular mind. We Jews have joined the Nazi Party because we share similar values. Just because Nazis want to eradicate all Jews from the face of the earth doesn’t mean we don’t agree with their policies on gun rights, education and fiscal responsibility. That is why we are Nazis.”

Did I just compare the Republican Party’s ideals to Fascism? No, I didn’t just do it, I did it a long time ago.


If you aren’t a group of people who all vote with a singular mind – one of pure hatred, fear and subjugation of ‘others’ – as does the Republican Party, and you don’t agree with the Democratic Party, then why don’t you start another Party that isn’t focused solely on the prosperity of rich, white, Christian males? (Teabaggers and Libertarians do not count. They are both parties of varying child-minded nonsensical fantasy. Very similar these days to the Republican Party.) Seriously, why would you be a part of an organization that openly and unashamedly hates you and does everything in its power to subjugate or destroy you? Oh, because you believe in fiscal responsibility. Well, little eye-opener here – Republicans don’t believe in fiscal responsibility. They just SAY they do.

Now that I’ve pointed out all the things the “Party Of No” is against, would you like to know what exactly are they FOR?

Corporate Profits*

(*White males only)

Good day.

Remember, ‘conservative’ was not always restricted to the Republican Party. However, almost all conservatives have migrated so.

Republicans & Libertarians & Teabaggers all hate taxes and believe every man is for himself. No one is stopping them from moving to Somalia to live in their dream world. Meantime, the rest of us will gladly contribute to a better society.

Yes, George W. Bush’s Republican-controlled congress voted in 2006 to have the Post Office pre-pay 75 years into the future the retirement packages of postal workers. The Post Office is the largest union in America and the GOP wants to destroy it then privatize the mailing industry for profit. The Post Office would have $1.5 trillion extra if not for this Republican-manufactured solvency problem. No other entity on Earth is forced to prepay the retirement packages of employees that do not yet exist.

Countries cannot be run like for-profit corporations. Republicans do not understand this simple, fundamental fact.


Libertarianism = A Lawless Society

See this Republican Party Union meeting poster from 1956? Yeah, they’re all Democrats now. 
Eisenhower is shitting in his grave.


Libertarianism: It’s the victim’s fault.

Because they want it that way. Dumb people are more easily fooled.




Are you interested in the facts regarding prosperity under 
Republican Presidents vs. Democratic Presidents?


If you still think Republicans care about anything other than 
then here are a few dozen of the 375 bills that Democrats passed, 
which Republicans filibustered:


Sam Seder has a conversation with a Libertarian:



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