Monday, June 10, 2013


Kind of a short rant this time. And the government already knows.


Yet again, it’s President Muhammad Blackenstein al Dictator’s fault. Oh, my GOD how could he do it? He obviously HATES ‘Merica! Wiretapping us poor citizens. Listening to all my private conversations! It’s ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL!!!! 

OK. Here, listen. The court ordered wiretap has been re-authorized EVERY THREE FUCKING MONTHS SINCE 2006. Does it suck? Yes. Did it just start now under Obama? No. Is this more manufactured outrage against the black President? Yes. Is any President ever going to give up a new power after they’ve gained it? No. Does that suck? Yes. Is there anything American citizens can do about it? Pending...

The right-wing manufactured Solyndra conspiracy didn’t stick.

The right-wing manufactured Fast And Furious conspiracy didn’t stick.

The right-wing manufactured Benghazi conspiracy didn’t stick.

And the newest right-wing manufactured IRS pseudo conspiracy isn’t going to stick, either.

Were these all situations that needed looking into? Sure. Were any of them massive tyrannical, anti-Constitutional Obama conspiracies? Not even slightly. Republicans are mad that only one of their own was ever forced out of office and have been manufacturing their own witch-hunts against Democrats ever since. (Blowjobs are not an impeachable offense. That one’s for a marriage counselor or divorce lawyer. Not a congressional hearing. But hey, what's several million wasted tax dollars by "fiscal conservatives" when they can manufacture a fake scandal against a Democrat because they're just whiny sore-loser bitches, right?) Within months of every recent Democrat elected to the highest office in this land, Republicans call for impeachment. Evidence? They'll figure that one out later. They did it to Carter. They did it to Clinton. They’re still doing it to Obama. (They're already starting to do it to Hillary Clinton in preparation for 2016.) No charge was ever real. They made them all up. The Republican Party is just full of whiny sore-loser bitches. Oh, and liars. 

HERE is a letter that was sent from the office of Elijah Cummings, the top-ranking Democrat on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to California Republican Representative Darrell Issa, the scumfuck who has been holding these hearings wholly unsubstantiated witch-hunts against the White House. You seriously need to read it. At least the first two paragraphs. No, seriously, go read it. Just click on the "HERE" link at the beginning of the paragraph. C'mon, just do it. FUCKING DO IT! What are you waiting for? Why do I even bother including source information links if nobody clicks on them? Ok, I'll even post another link to it HERE so you don't have to move your mouse all the way back to the top of the paragraph. Fucking lazy Americans. Every one of us. DO IT NOW! fuck.

What are Darrell Issa's qualifications that give him the authority to hold these unwarranted, unending hearings against the White House, you ask?


More on this cunt's plans to overthrow the government:
CBS News: GOP's Darrell Issa Plans Hundreds of Oversight Hearings 

Yeah, if you plan beforehand to have hearings without actually having something to investigate, why would you be concerned with evidence when unsubstantiated accusations are all you need? I believe that's traitorous. But enough about this piece of shit.

And here we are: I hate to break it to you, but George W. Bush’s Patriot Act literally nullifies the entire Constitution. You have had no rights, freedom, liberty or privacy since 2001. There cannot be a scandal if the law says the government is allowed to do anything it wants without a reason. Why would you think any of your phone calls and emails and Facebookings are private?

This is what Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) said in 2001 of the Patriot Act: 

CSPAN2: In 2001 Speech, Russ Feingold Delivered Early Warning On Patriot Act (video) 

Where was your outrage in 2001 when you first lost all of your rights? Why wasn’t your outrage renewed along with the Patriot Act in 2006? Why are you only outraged right now? Outrage these days seems to be color-specific within the Republican clan.

The real scandal here is that one party within the government keeps writing laws to legalize their criminal acts. And the other party not only does nothing to reverse this trend, but takes advantage of and expands them as well.

And before I go, here’s what’s really happening with the monitoring of your internet activities: 

The Daily Banter: NSA Bombshell Story Falling Apart Under Scrutiny; Key Facts Turning Out to Be Inaccurate

Good day.

Yeah. Check out that date.

This is a good one:

The Patriot Act was passed with a 357-66 vote in the House (9 abstentions – of the 66 nays, 2 were Republican) and a 98-1 vote in the Senate (one abstention). Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) was the only vote against. Some of what he said at the time:

“Some have said rather cavalierly that in these difficult times we must accept some reduction in our civil liberties in order to be secure.

Of course, there is no doubt that if we lived in a police state, it would be easier to catch terrorists. If we lived in a country that allowed the police to search your home at any time for any reason; if we lived in a country that allowed the government to open your mail, eavesdrop on your phone conversations, or intercept your email communications; if we lived in a country that allowed the government to hold people in jail indefinitely based on what they write or think, or based on mere suspicion that they are up to no good, then the government would no doubt discover and arrest more terrorists.

That probably would not be a country in which we would want to live. And that would not be a country for which we could, in good conscience, ask our young people to fight and die. In short, that would not be America.

Preserving our freedom is one of the main reasons that we are now engaged in this new war on terrorism. We will lose that war without firing a shot if we sacrifice the liberties of the American people.”

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Commander Chris Hadfield sings Space Oddity 

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