Thursday, June 20, 2013

Doors of Racist Perception

This one I posted in a private message. I felt I didn’t need to embarrass this person for posting something she may not have realized she was doing. I understand it’s easy to get caught up in blind hatred and you may not intentionally mean something.

Or so I thought.



Bill Mancuso
I was going to post this under that bulldog picture you posted, but I thought I'd make this one private.

I realize you don't like Obama, but I know you aren't racist. Comparing black people to shit is not just some "politically correct feeling" that I have; this is literally a racist statement, said by racists, going back centuries. Please don't break out "tar baby" next. And by all means, don't jump straight to calling him a nigger. You might want to check your blind hatred before you post anti-Obama rhetoric next time. Maybe you should just stick to falsely claiming he's trying to take your guns away.

[A little harsh, I understand. Maybe that’s why what I said was completely ignored and the historically racist comment was defended. No. It would have been ignored no matter what.]

I wasn't comparing black people to shit, I was, in fact, comparing Obama to shit....with no regard to whether he is black, white, purple or rainbow colored. And lighten up, it called a "joke". And I never claimed to be "Politically correct", nor do I have any desire to be.

[Claiming to not be “politically correct” as a defense for racism is like claiming “because it says so in the Bible” is a defense for your own personal bigotry against gays getting married. And hiding behind the “joke” title also doesn’t make it not racist.]

Bill Mancuso
I know you weren't. And it's not being "politically correct." Politically correct has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's historical fact. I was just trying to let you know you were posting something literally, historically racist. Even though I know it wasn't your intent.

And if you already KNOW my feelings about Obama, why are you surprised when I post negative things about him? [Again ignoring the facts of what I said, she focuses only that this was something negative against Obama.]

Bill Mancuso
I'm just trying to inform you that comparing black people to shit is historically racist. This picture is literally negative in the form of racism. Not because of guns or freedom or religion or policy or Benghazi. It's literally negative because of skin color. You can't say it's got nothing to do in regard to whether he is “black, white, purple or rainbow colored” when it is specifically about skin color. I know you're not racist. That's why I suggested you not post stuff about historically racist skin-color comparisons. Just trying to inform you of historical context. That's all. But hey, do what you want. It's allegedly a free country.

I Absolutely can say it has NOTHING to do with any regard to his skin color. Maybe this is all about perception. Seriously. You know I'm not racist, I know I'm not racist.....I was comparing Obama to the form, not the color. If you see it differently, I can't help that we have 2 separate perceptions of one picture. It obviously means something different to you than it does to me.

[Is the way I’m explaining this just not clear?]

Bill Mancuso
Ok. Comparing a black guy to shit, which, for a fact, is a historically racist slur, has nothing to do, in this case, with a historically racist slur. I totally get it now. My perception is just off today, I guess.

Again, it's not my own personal perception. I was only trying to inform you of the historical meaning of the picture, of which you apparently were unaware.

Which, again, is why, since I know you're not racist, you might not want that racist picture posted on your wall. Non-racist perceptions aside.

If you leave it up, you might want to put a disclaimer under the picture, though, just to make sure your true intent is known. "Obama is shit, not like in the historically racist meaning of comparing black people to shit because of the color, but like because of what I think of the shitty job he's doing. Hahaha! Funny, right?"

Done! Thanks for the advice :)

Bill Mancuso
You’re welcome.

[Don’t be amazed. This is what she then posted- - -]

*****     *****     **     *****     *****

I privately contacted her because I didn’t want to make any potentially perceived racist accusations public, but she went ahead and made it public anyway. I guess this was some sort of attempt at sticking it to me by being a smart-ass? (Privately though, since she didn’t let anyone know it was me.) On the contrary, this doesn’t affect me in the least. Also, it just brings the racism on her part into focus. My attempt at the sarcastic “disclaimer” was to point out that it was still racist – a point she completely missed - or ignored. In re-posting the picture, she only shows that she doesn’t care that it is racist. This is what happens when you can’t admit that you were wrong or just simply unaware of something. Some people are just too entrenched in their preconceived nonsense to be open to accepting facts. Sad, really.

Three racists “Liked” it, whereas nobody “Liked” the previous posting.

And frankly, like most right-wing hate-stuff, it’s not even that clever. Just blunt. “Obama’s a piece of dog shit.” Haha? It is like a bumper sticker with a visual, though. Just the right length of thoughtless hate to digest.

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