Thursday, July 11, 2013

Deep Fried Southern Racism

Yeah, some more racism. Served up Paula Deen style.

I’m sure my friend wasn’t completely aware of the full story since he was away on vacation when it unfurled in the media. That’s why I tried explaining what was really going on.  But the part that actually ‘bunged’ me up was what his friend said.

White people defending their need to act racist without thinking that they’re acting racist is somewhat humorous.

Yet, not.

Oh, and in this post (as I did in Doors of Racist Perception and any others dealing with racism), I will not use the term “N-Word” when “nigger” is appropriate. Because I am a fucking adult.


Hilarious Paula Deen riffs on food. This country is too PC, especially when you can get fired from your job for doing something not job related, but a public figure has different standards. My fb Page alone would probably be considered offensive by the stupid or anyone who has human resources in their title at a real company.

[“Politically Correct” is not a catch-all phrase to deflect what is actually insulting or hate-speech. If you intentionally use a word or phrase that is hateful or demeaning (like Paula Deen did) and someone calls you out on it (like Paula Deen was), that’s not being “Politically Correct.” That’s pointing out that you are an asshole (like Paula Deen is). My Facebook page certainly isn’t PC either. And neither is my blog.]

Anyways, the hits are: Massaroni and cheese, strange fruit pies, ku klux flan, beef "you speak so" Wellington, and lastly, you hear white folk talking, you best hush puppies.

Bill Mancuso
She got canned not for political correctness, but for fear of her racism negatively impacting the bottom line for the Food Network. [And the over a dozen more companies that subsequently dropped her.] It was about corporate profits. They can hire any chef and manufacture the next food star in her place.

As for the country being too politically correct - walk up to the next black person you see and tell him you like when black people dress up like tap-dancing niggers in Shirley Temple movies. See what happens.

The riffs are funny, though.

those are some nappy headed hoes. [The purpose of this is unclear to me. I am aware of its connection to Don Imus, but I am unclear as to its context here. Is he just trying to say something he thinks is not PC? Is he pointing out the trouble Don Imus also got into for saying this dickish term about those black women basketball players? Uncompleted thoughts passed off as meaningful expression really aggravate me.]

Remember the days when you could tell a joke? This country is getting ridiculous with its PC bullshit [Yes. Calling black people niggers is so funny. What a PC country this has become.]

There's a difference between being funny and overt racism, I get it, Bill. A comedian might get away with that, not Michael Richards lol. Dave Chappelle did stuff similar to your example all the time, and I saw what happened, he made eleventy million dollars.

Bill Mancuso
Deen was just trying to be funny? It totally seemed like overt racism to, well, everyone. But that's only because it was.

And there might be a slight difference between Deen & Chappelle.

Still not getting where PC comes into this particular situation.

PC is if I say nigga like black people do it's racist - but they can say it all day long - the fact is that term has changed - 'nigger' is LONG gone unless you are racist - then you're just an asshole - I'm just tired of the double standard and THAT is PC [‘Nigger’ is LONG gone? That term has changed? Only racists use it NOW, but it used to be used by everyone? I wasn’t aware the term ‘nigger’ was originally invented to use as an exchange of pleasantries then twisted to use as a naughty word by meanies. 1860: "Good morning, nigger!" "And a good morning to you, too, cunt!"]

Bill Mancuso
Uh, what [the fuck] are you talking about? Paula Deen called black people 'niggers.' She is a racist. How is it PC to point out that she is what she is? Everything else you are talking about has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. But yeah, life sure sucks for all us white people who can't call black people 'nigga.' I mean, what's a white person supposed to do when trying to address a black person? We really, really need to call them 'niggas.' Gee whiz, life's so unfair. It's not like we're calling them 'niggers' or anything. Not at all. [Overt sarcasm is an educational tool - If the teacher knows how to wield it correctly... And the student is open to learning.]

Bill....relax man lol. Someone's getting a little bunged up about this and its not me... Holy crap on a cracker this is facebook. I just got back to the usa today as I'm on vacation so it could be that I wasn't as clear as I might have been, but who gives a flying fuck about Paula Deen. My points perhaps weren't crystalline here but I wasn't writing a newspaper article so he re they are again :

1. Paula Deen food shit funny. Period. [Agreed.]

2. I think this country is too pc. [Sometimes, yes.] If you disagree with that I can't help you. This is related to my point and Ms Deen in my third point, which you missed entirely. [No, your third point was simply incorrect. You were on vacation and obviously have not received all the information about the story. I was simply relaying the facts to you, which you refuse to accept.]

3. It sucks you can get fired at a job for something you do outside of a job, but that's what public figures have to deal with.

Tap dancing niggers was your example. I'm sure you used it in a light hearted way to prove a point. If you grew up when she did I am sure things were different. In 2013 it’s stupid. In 1950 it’s stupid but its historical fact it existed. I know you understand this, man. [Yes. I understand that it’s 2013. Not 1950. Deen’s racism is no longer tolerated. (It wasn’t tolerated by good people back then, either.) It’s not an excuse to say “she grew up in the 50’s” after being caught throwing around racial epithets. Pointing out that her racism is no longer tolerated is not being Politically Correct. It’s pointing out the fact that she’s a racist.]

Chappelle and Deen are different in that what he does is again in a comedy setting. [More importantly, he’s black.] But you could argue that it is racism if you were so inclined. [No. You couldn’t argue that Dave Chappell is racist. 1. He's black. 2. He intentionally used it in a comedic manner. 3. Deen is white. 4. She intentionally is racist.]

I have some more funny recipe names from Paula Deen to share but this sure sucked the funny out of it. Whomp whomp. [Sorry.]

And hey bill you are awesome and I dig reading your posts here. Much love and stuff lol

And Archie is a California boy now by way of fugg offle road lol. He's a hippie like that now, not like us gruff east coasters.

Bill - I don't know who you are - but you're fucking stupid - oh and peace man \/

Bill Mancuso
Lars, I wasn't getting bunged up, I was just responding to the things that were said:

1. I did not miss your point. She didn't get fired for a PC reason, she got fired because it affected corporate profits. Anything anybody does at any time would get fired if it risked corporate profits. If she got caught shooting heroin or robbing a bank, I'm pretty sure she'd get fired, too. Sure the country may be a bit too PC at times, this wasn't one of them.

2. 'Tap dancing niggers' was not MY example, it was Paula Deen's example:
“Well what I would really like is a bunch of little niggers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties. You know, in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around. Now, that would be a true Southern wedding wouldn't it? But we can't do that because the media would be on me about that.”

3. I said your food riffs were funny. Post more.

4. Black people, comedians or not, are not racist if they call each other 'nigger.' Maybe stupid, not racist. That's just the way it is. I don't control it.

5. Then, when I was told it was PC because white people can't call black people 'niggas,' I pointed out (in a refined, East Coast manner) that the “a” version and the “er” version of the word mean the same thing, no matter how hard white people try to differentiate the two. And that white people don't ever need to call black people either of them.

Then I was called "fucking stupid." I guess because I don't have an unquenchable need to call black people “niggas.” So much for “hippie.”

Sorry you came back from your vacation to this. You're right: Who gives a flying fuck about Paula Deen? You're awesome and I dig your posts, too, Lars. Love and stuff back at ya.

Now THIS is offensive [Oh, yes. Yes, it is.]

I have no idea where you found that Archie but its awesome

*****     *****     *****

I have nothing more to add to this except to reiterate what I said at the start: White people defending their need to act racist without thinking that they’re acting racist is somewhat humorous.

Yet, not.

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(Make this full screen. Trust me.)
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