Tuesday, September 24, 2013

History Lesson

I understand the concept of being polite. I’ve even attempted it on occasion. But just because someone has an opinion on something, doesn’t mean you have to accept or respect it. And it certainly doesn’t mean that it has any validity to it. To be blatant: Hitler’s opinion on Jews. Should we have accepted it? Respected it? Was it valid?

Some facts are not open for debate. That’s when the spineless people who want to placate everyone really piss me off.


Salma [Keep in mind she’s posting from New Jersey.]
I’m sick to my stomach about how many young kids drive around with the confederate flag on or waving from their vehicle. I asked one kid why and he said it represents the south and I am a country boy! EDUCATE these kids and let them know the meaning behind it!!!!!! And if they do know the meaning then shame on the parents for allowing it. — feeling disappointed.
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If you want to be a country boy put some hay in the stupid truck. You are still above the mason dixon line and should be proud of that. Next time I see someone with one I'm just going to walk up say "oh so you are pro slavery?" Just to see what they say. Then probably punch them in the face. [I got a chuckle out of that last line. I wasn’t expecting it.]

Sad to say ignorance is bliss with these parents of such kids sometimes.

I would have came back with "Hey d*^&head you know you lost right"!!!! so don't fly it anymore!! Even though they may not have learned about that in school!

Perfectly said

I hate to see it also. Unfortunately I am sure they do know what it represents. IGNORANT!!!!!!!

[Up until now, I had no desire to comment on this thread, as everyone was pretty much agreeing upon the indisputable facts about the traitorous meaning of the Stars & Bars. Then, The Placator spoke…]

I guess it depends on your beliefs and what you were brought up thinking it meant or what u learned in school. I actually made my son google it for a school project and got a lot of mixed reviews on what it truly means.....I don't think anyone is ever going to be 100% right on the meaning and our kids are always gonna question it and I fear it will always cause heated debates and ruin friendships because of the difference in opinions and that is so sad to me because we are all individuals and that is all that should ever matter.

Bill Mancuso
The 100% right meaning of the Confederate flag: The treasonous symbol of a failed insurrection against the United States of America for the purpose of keeping black people as pets. There is not a more anti-American expression in existence. It is the equivalent in meaning to the swastika in Germany - except flying a swastika in Germany is against the law. What you want to believe it means does not matter. It has an actual meaning.

They also want to believe that flag they fly all the time is the flag of the Confederacy. It is not. It is specifically the battle flag of the Army of Tennessee. Yes, they are truly that ignorant.

[I saw that Politboro "Nazi Flag" post about three weeks after I posted this response. It’s nice to know that others understand the meaning of the Confederate flag as well.]

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If you fear your friendship will be ruined due to a difference in opinion, then it wasn’t a very strong friendship to begin with.

Of course, if your friend believes fighting for slavery is something to be proud of, then they are stupid and should not be your friend. Too harsh? Maybe. It’s a matter of opinion.

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This is just fucking badass. I want one.

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