Thursday, September 12, 2013

Super-Reagan vs. Chemical Weapons

Just a quick blogadoodle about Reagan and chemical weapons because you mentally fucking stunted right-wing whackado’s who masturbate to the fictional memory of Ronald Reagan are really starting to piss me the fuck off.

Oh, do enjoy...

Yeah, Super-Reagan, Master of the Universe would totally go after Assad because if one thing pissed Super-Reagan off, it was using chemical weapons. He totally would not sell chemical weapons to his pal, Saddam Hussein, to use on Iran in the Iran-Iraq war. And he totally wouldn’t give coordinates of Iranian positions to Saddam to target them with chemical weapons. And he totally wouldn’t illegally sell arms to Iran (after they killed Americans in Beirut) to fight his buddy Saddam in Iraq during the same war. And he totally would not have sold those weapons to Iran to illegally fund an illegal war in Central America because Congress already told him he couldn’t start a war in Central America.

Yeah, Super-Reagan totally wasn’t a fucking piece of shit that would do all of those not only illegal, but 100% unconstitutional things.

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O’Donnell: Reagan let Saddam buy– and use–chemical weapons

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(The Rachel Maddow Show)
Reagan Looked The Other Way When Saddam Hussein Used Chemical Weapons on Iran


The Colbert Report
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Hey, let's not leave out little Bushie & Co's "chemical blindness."
Published on Monday, December 30, 2002 by the Washington Post
by Michael Dobbs


Here are more things Super-Reagan totally would never have done, according to right-wing masturbatorial fantasies:

- Raised taxes 11 times
- Gave amnesty to undocumented immigrants
- Declared ketchup to be a vegetable
- Vetoed sanctions against South African Apartheid
- Defunded & shut down mental hospitals
- Ignored the AIDS epidemic
- Signed California’s Theraputic Abortion Act of 1967
- Tried to block Martin Luther King Jr Day from becoming a national holiday
- Defunded the public school system
- Supported an assault weapons ban
- Raised the debt ceiling 17 times



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