Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hey Fuck Head

I get into debates sometimes; I don’t even know what we’re debating since we all agree.

The problem is, no one is listening. Everyone is talking. They’re just concerned with winning. Winning what, I cannot fathom.

But that’s what makes America great. I suppose it does in other countries, too.

“I yelled the loudest and didn’t stop until you gave up so I win the no-prize!”

Anyway… biased media points out what the other side is doing wrong while ignoring that their side is doing the same thing. And it turns out I’m a fuck head for pointing that out. I guess I was supposed to be biased and blindly accept the truthiness of the article.

This is a short one.

Americans Against the Tea Party (Facebook page)
No joke, this is completely unnerving.
AATTP: NEW POLL: 30% Of Republicans Are In Favor Of Bombing Fictional Town In Disney’s Aladdin!

[To be fair, AAtTP was only one of about a dozen liberal sites misconstruing the statistics. After finally having it up to friggin’ HERE, I just happened to comment on their post.]

Why do all these headlines skip the part where 19% of Democrats want to bomb Agrabah too? And the fact that another 36% of Democrats believe Agrabah exists since they are opposed to bombing it? Not picking sides, just pointing out facts.

Hey fuck head. I'm a Democrat and until this I never heard of this place.

So, kind, intelligent, articulate sir, the fact that you never heard of a fake town means what? You knee-jerk do or do not wish to bomb it? Or perhaps, as an informed individual such obviously as yourself, do you wish to know something about it first?

You are throwing numbers around. Where did you get them?

I got the numbers from reading the poll that was reported in the article at the beginning of this discussion thread, as I know a critical-thinking individual such as yourself did, too.

Tony - Democrats were only against it by 11 points fewer than the GOP. Almost 1/5 Democrats were totally cool with bombing a country with a vaguely muslim name just 'cause. That our side was a slightly less stupid and violently inclined than the party of Trump is not really something to be proud of. Frankly we all ought to be hanging our heads in shame.

Gotta be fair. [To what? The fact that you didn't read the article, yet felt obligated to call me a fuck head, which made you look like an idiot? Or the fact that you are an idiot and I was correct for pointing out the blatantly obvious?] I found them [...after I decided to read the article]. All it does is show ignorance of geography by all Americans though. That liberals may be against just bombing some area anywhere is hardly news. [You skipped the fact that 19% of Dems WANT to bomb this fake area. But we've already established that you're an idiot, so you're forgiven.] As a matter of fact it shows that they are just being honest in their beliefs. Just as it shows that the right are out for blood at all times.

I gotta be fair, being honest in your ignorance is nothing to be commended.

And showing the "ignorance of geography by all Americans" is the point I was making about the biased headlines claiming that only Republicans are ignorant.

Also, when Republicans are "just being honest in their beliefs," why do you judge them differently than the Democrats? [Asked, never answered. Somehow, Dems are "just being honest" and Repubs are "out for blood" even though they believe virtually the same thing.]

When the only answers are Yes, No, or I Don't Know, and you know that Agrabah is fictional, I think No is the only appropriate answer. If you've never heard of Agrabah, then you answer I Don't Know. I wish I could say that I was shocked that somewhere between 1/5 and 1/3 of Americans are ear-biting insane, but I think the Crazification Factor put that number at 28%, so it seems about right.

Both of you are insane. You're arguing over a fake town. Im screen shotting all of this for my personal collection of morons from both sides of the aisle. [I failed to tell him I was going to blog this argument to highlight morons like him as well. Please forgive me.]

Adams - Make sure you include your comment for your totally useful collection. [I'm picturing random printed out Facebook comments taped to his parents' basement wall.] It will show how you can't comprehend that we're arguing over ignorant people who have the power to vote and affect change in our government, not over the existence of a fake town.

Out of curiosity - which side of the aisle do you think I fall on? [Whenever I point out that Republicans are wrong, I’m accused of being a “Libtard.” Whenever I point out that Democrats are wrong, I’m accused of being a “Rethuglican.” I hate to break it to the members of both cults: there are more than two ways to view a given issue. The Party I belong to is the one based on evidence, free thinking, critical thinking & logic. I don’t know if it has a name, but it may be the Surrounded and Outnumbered Party.]

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