Sunday, June 12, 2016

Record Breaking Mass Murder (America's #1!)

The USA just had a record-breaking mass murder in Orlando, Florida.

I'm not going to debate anyone on the issue. I've done it literally dozens of times already (which has been chronicled on this blog) and the ammosexuals always say the same stupid, fucktarded shit that is demonstrably wrong as their defense for why they need guns. Because that's what it only boils down to: they just want them. And no amount of lies will they spare in their justification for their self centered desires. 

No debate. I'm just going on a little rant this time.


I don't give a fuck what the motives were. Motives are irrelevant. In 100% of gun murders, the link is the fucking completely unhindered ability for anyfuckingbody to get anyfuckinggun. That includes people who are on terrorist watch lists - they are still able to legally purchase guns. And perpetrators of domestic violence. And mentally unstable people. Thanks, you fucking cowardly corporate profit-protecting NRA & GOP fucksticks. Oh, and the neo-liberal Democrats are fucking pussies who are afraid to do anything either.

And anyone who says dumb shit like "they would have used knives if guns were illegal" or "more people die in car accidents and pools" then just kindly shut your dumb fuck mouth. They didn't. Your argument is unmitigatedly fucking stupid.

Too, harsh? Awww, fucking boo goddamned hoo for you. I'm using words to express myself. Unlike you ammosexual pussy cowards who hide behind guns and lies about guns to protect your completely self-centered, reality-denying gun fetish.

What's more harsh:
1. A. My words or B. Shooting abortion doctors to death
2. A. My words or B. Shooting children in schools to death
3. A. My words or B. Shooting people in movie theaters to death
4. A. My words or B. Shooting people in churches to death
5. A. My words or B. Shooting people military bases to death
6. A. My words or B. Shooting people in night clubs to death
7. A. My words or B. Shooting people during an argument to death
8. A. My words or B. Shooting your family to death
9. A. My words or B. Shooting yourself in suicide
10. A. My words or B. 33,000 deaths by firearms (homicide + suicide + accidental) & 84,000 non fatal injuries in the USA per year

If you chose A. My words, then go fuck yourself, you little pussy.
*****     *****     *****
I posted a Tweet about this. There was one response. I gave one reply. The only reply I'm ever going to give to ammosexuals anymore.
And my Twitter account was immediately hacked. Because that's all cowards who are wrong can do. Attack and silence the opposition. And threaten them with murder. Not that I was threatened, but it happens all the time. See my list above.
No worries. Twitter was on it immediately and we sorted it out.

Good day.

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